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healthy pancakes recipe

Happy Monday LSF Fam!  What better way to start off your week than eating a hearty breakfast? It’s true that a healthy meal in the A-M is super important, especially for those of us who exercise in the morning. It replenishes your muscles and brain so you can make the most of your workout!  For your brekkie this week, we’re sharing our all-time favorite healthy pancakes recipe that’s super delish and nutrish! And you’re going to flip for these flapjacks because you only need three ingredients!  

How, you might ask, can a pancake recipe possibly be healthy!? Well, first off, the key ingredient is oat–a grain that can help lower cholesterol when incorporated into your diet on the regular. Chock full of fiber, vitamins and minerals, oats can also lower your risk for digestive complaints, obesity, heart disease and diabetes– just ask the American Heart Association!  (Don’t like pancakes? Try this oat bar recipe instead.)

There are a wide variety of oats you can use: instant, whole kernel groat, steel-cut, hulled, cracked and rolled.  Any way you decide to separate the wheat from the chaff, oat is sooo good to include in your meal plan.

And the other two ingredients are eggs and bananas — both of which are also good sources of protein and fiber. So, the truth is that it’s really the mountain of stuff we pile on top of our pancakes that give them a bad rap. Butter, powdered sugar, chocolate… Oh, and if you’re drooling RN, you might need to read this reminder of why sugar is so bad. 
Instead, we want you babes to try some topper alternatives, like cinnamon, berries and nuts. Or, hey, even mix them on in before they hit the skillet!  We think you’re gonna go bananas over this healthy pancakes recipe!  Let us know what you think!  And for more ideas on adding nutrition to your meals, check out these plans!

healthy pancakes recipe

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